A quick trip to Cali.

My quick trip to California, came via helping my friend’s mom Carol move to Groveland, CA to be closer to her daughter.

After the driving, and unloading of the furniture came a little time to explore. There was even time for a trip to the Schulman Grove in the white mountains.

ElderBristlecone Pine Tree, Discovery Trail, Schulman Grove, Inyo National Forest, White Mountains


Bristlecone Pine Tree

My short visit to the grove was really amazing. I had been wanting to visit for many years, and during a recent trip I was able to make it happen thanks to a great friend of mine Elisabeth Barton. She is part of Echo Adventure Cooperative, a coop for adventure guides in the Yosemite area. On your next trip to California you need to visit their site to book your adventure.


Sunset from Olmstead Point, Yosemite National Park


Sunset east of the Seirra


Alkali Flies at Mono Lake


1st Time Lapse!

I went out to shoot my first time-lapse video after work, trying to capture downtown Tulsa, OK during sunset. This is what I got, hope you like it, remember to click it and share it.

I was trying to set up the tripod and camera quickly before I lost all the light and the attempt to shoot the time-lapse during sunset became mute. All this while trying to not to set my stuff or stand in goose droppings, since this area is heavily traveled by Canadian Geese, nice! Because we all know there is nothing like a little salmonella to go along with your time-lapse video.

The camera I used Nikon D800, lens Nikon 24-70mm f2.8. After settling on aperture (f16, for a larger depth of field) I took a couple of test shots to double-check the exposure. I also adjusted the circular popularizer to help the contrast and saturation. I then set the shot interval and the time frame (expose every 15s for 1 hour), then set it in motion.  After a few exposures I realized that I forgot to set it to manual instead of aperture priority.  So now as the sun sat the exposure time grew, this of course lessened the desired effect of the sunset.  But I still think it turned out pretty good for my first time. However since I wasn’t able to get the exact look I was going for, I have to deem this first attempt a failure. But I like it anyways. I hope you like it, let me know in the comment section below if you would please. Oh and don’t forget to Click it and Share it!

Thanks agin!

STOP!!! Take 5 minutes…!

STOP!!! Take just five minutes to look around. Look up, look down, look all around and be present in the moment and place where you are at. To notice the life taking place around you. Say hello and have a nice day to the person to the left and right of you.

This image is something I saw when out for a walk with some friends. All it took was to stop and look up, to notice the sky above me. To notice something other than ourselves and the narrow view we have, and to appreciate the world all around us, this I think would go along way to making the world in which we live a much better place.

Sunset & Clouds over Tulsa, OK

Just took a few minutes to notice what was around me, and this is what I captured. That is all it takes, is five minutes.

This I also think is an example of being where you are is just as important as some other place. We often think that somewhere else is better, that the grass is greener over there. That the view is nicer and we would be happier seeing it from that place. I know I am guilty of this, oh man am I. But there is something to be said for appreciating what you have and where you are.