Sunday Photo-Drives : Oxley and Tall Grass

The last few Sundays I’ve been trying to go somewhere local to take photos and explore my home state a bit more. Here are some of the fruits of my drives so far.

First is Oxley Nature Center, if you’ve been to my blog before you may have seen a post or two about this place. It is a local park and nature preserve, with hiking trails and visitor center. It is setup as an immersive experience to highlight our local flora and fauna. Here are a few images from Oxley Nature Center.


Second is a drive up to the Tall Grass Prairies Preserve north of Pawhuska, OK. The preserve is a Nature Conservancy conservation preserve, their goal is to restore the native grasses along with bison, birds and other native species. This is one of my favorite places to head to when I’m needing a breather from Tulsa. Here are a few images from the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve.

Update 5-8-2017: I’ve reedited the image “Osage Prairie” to reflect more of a romantic feel that I was wanting to achieve.  I believe I was able to reach that goal.


We have a winner!

Well we have a winner to the signed print giveaway. I have sent a message to the winner and as soon as that person contacts me back I will announce them. In the meantime I want to present the print that they have won.

Update 2013/7/3: Unfortunately I have yet to hear from the winner of the Signed Print Giveaway. I do want to give the winner ample time to get in contact with me. So I have decided to announce the winner now, in hopes they will see there name and contact me directly.

The winner of the Signed Print Giveaway was Toni Slate of Laugh Talk Radio. I have made attempts to contact you through the contact section on your blog, so if you see this please contact me as soon as possible to receive your Signed Print of “Moonbow over Yosemite.”

I want to thank everybody for their support and encouragement of my photography.

“Moonbow over Yosemite”

This is "Moonbow over Yosemite" I captured this image the night of the full moon in May, 2013.

This is “Moonbow over Yosemite” 11X14 I captured this image the night of the full moon in May, 2013.

I captured this image of the moonbow, on the night of the full moon in May. The alignment of Yosemite Valley east to west and the placement of Yosemite Falls being along the north side of Yosemite Valley, is a near perfect arrangement of elements. The best time to witness moonbows are in the springtime, since the flow of water over the falls is great enough to produce enough mist to catch and then create a moonbow.

There were probably about 100 or so people there trying to get a look at and a good photo of the bow. It brought the experience a bit more into focus for me. Not just the experience of seeing a moonbow but that of Yosemite as a whole. Just saying there are a lot of people there, even in the slow seasons. However without these people we wouldn’t have the national parks at all. We need the participation of everyone but we need to remember to be respectful of nature all that it has and represents. Because without nature we wouldn’t be here either. Well enough of the soap box, if I really got on it at all. So with no further delay the settings and gear I used to capture the image.



  • 32mm Focal Length
  • 40sec Shutter Speed
  • 16 F-Stop
  • 3200 ISO


Calving area of Holgate Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, Alaska.

Calving area of Holgate Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, Alaska.

I’m revisiting my archives, and sifting through the images from the past. I am doing this for my new portfolio/stock site, Billy Sauerland Photo.

I also recently have finally purchased Lightroom, and with this am learning some new editing procedures. I am also taking advantage of some presets that I have gotten from David duChemin via his latest book The Print and The Process. I have been a big fan of David’s for a long time. The first book I read of his was VisionMongers, and since then I have kept an eye on his site and what he is up to, for knowledge and inspiration.

Now the image above was captured while I was on a trip to Alaska, with my mother and niece. During this trip we had taken a tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park, with a local company Kenai Fjord Tours. During my recent archive diving I came across this image from that day on the water. Looking for an image that might benefit from one of the presets that I had downloaded I set to work on it. I settled on Venice Cool, then I tweaked some of the sliders a bit until I reached a point I was happy with then I exported it as a PSD then continued editing it in PhotoShop, to I had what you see above.

If you are interested in purchasing this image as stock click here, Billy Sauerland Photo, if you are interested in purchasing a print, then you can contact me here