Woods in transition…Part 1

The woods are in the beginning of transition. Went for a Sunday drive and ended up out at Oxley Nature Center, as I have often, but today there was some drizzle with a high chance of it turning to rain, and it did.


The woods were so still during the rain, it made me stop and just be. If it wasn’t for the sounds of the rain in the woods you would almost think the video was a photo. Just a moment in time in the woods.


I had already decided to head home because of the rain. I packed up my camera and headed towards to the parking lot when I stopped to watch the field and the rain for a second. I decided to get my phone out to grab a snapshot of the field and maybe a video, not wanting to get my camera out of it’s bag. That is when this little guy walked across the trail, I snapped a photo of him then thought I should video him, so this is what I got. After I continued on my way wishing I hadn’t put my main camera up, the moment reminded me of something Jim Richardson said about “not being done until your are done.” In other words, don’t put your gear away until your completely “DONE!


People stood up on August 18th.

On August 18th 2017 there was an Anti-Hate rally in Tulsa, OK. That Friday at 5 in the evening people rallied on the doorstep of City Hall. Some with signs, some with something to say and some to stand, to be present and counted with our brothers and sisters in our community against hate and divisive rhetoric.

There were speakers that spoke about the reason we were there, and why it was so important to stand.

There was a speaker, a teacher, that brought up the basic science, and how there really are no differences between us.
There were speakers that brought up personal accounts of the past, and how its so important not to return there, that we must always move forward towards a better tomorrow.

There were speakers that gave motivations to get involved and how and where to connect yourself with an organization.

After sometime, some speeches and calls to action there was a march across the tracks, not only the proverbial kind but literal as well.

The line of marchers stretched back from Archer all the way up and across the bridge to City Hall.

We marched to Reconciliation Park, we passed people eating at restaurants and attended the game at Drillers Stadium.

Some speaking about more immediate and local issues, like the food desert that North Tulsa has become. “A food desert is an area, especially one with low-income residents, that has limited access to affordable and nutritious food. In contrast, an area with supermarkets is termed a food oasis.”

These are some of the things that happened on the evening of August 18th in Tulsa. People stood and spoke for what they believe, and how they want their, our community to be. How it use to be and that we cannot go back. We all must stand against hate and violence, and doing it together is the only way we can make it a reality.


Portraits of Keith

So I’m late putting this up, Urgh! But here it goes.

Portraits of my friend Keith Lawrence, he is a musician and plays the Viola for the Berkley and Santa Rosa symphonies, as well as coming to Tulsa, OK for performances.

We were trying to get some basic headshots but with a bit of a creativity, I think we succeeded.


had the fortunate opportunity to photograph Keith Lawrence and these are those photos.