For the clients – something different

Creating something a little different to fit what your clients want can be great. I was tasked with creating some head-shots for a client that fit the overall look and feel of their branding. The portraits that I create usually are on the more dramatic side, darker backgrounds with a more classical feel. With this project I was having to switch things up a bit. Not only because I wanted to do something different but also to fit my client’s look and established brand.

I worked out a lighting set up and editing style to create the look desired. Here is what we came up.

A lighter, lower saturated, higher contrast images with a white background shot with a single light. One strobe with a 36″ octo softbox on stand, Nikon D800, 24-70mm, F2.8, edited in LR. Here are a couple diagrams showing a basic layout of the light and subject positioning.

Nothing really complicated or extravagant just a simple setup with some basic post work. But the final look that we got is what we wanted. This is a reminder of the KISS method, keep it simple stupid.




Lets do this!

A friend of mine is a writer, she helped me with my About section on this blog, well ok she did it, she wrote it.  Because she is by far a much better writer than I, for god’s sake she is a published author.  You can go here to find out more about her.  Well this post is about the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Jammie’s daughter Kaiten is following in her mother’s footsteps, in that she is a young budding author herself.  She has written a story “The World In My Eye.”   After hearing her story, from aunt Angel Adams, who is also a creative, this family is over flowing with IT!  Back to the story, after hearing the story the ideas for an image to represent the story started flowing, then we heard of the idea she had and when the author is right she’s right.  So when Kaiten with her mother and younger sister had stopped by I thought let’s do this.  So I had them both come in and jump up on one of the tables to bring them closer to the light and with the help of her sister and aunt shaping the light with a reflector we captured the image, thanks guys for helping to make it happen.

Here is the final image I ended up with including a detail of world in her eye.

Buddha or not to Buddha?

Today I spent the afternoon shooting a statue of buddha.  Trying different lighting setups and approaches, I also shot a few images with my iPhone.  Oddly enough I’m not sure which images I prefer yet.  I’ll probably end up going with the images I shot with my camera over the ones I shot with my iPhone, either way here are a few images from today.

Buddha Headshot 1

I really like the bit of color still on the statue left over from a celebration.

Buddha lap 1

This next one is from my iPhone, after being edited with the instagram-app.

Buddha 2

The image I shot with my iPhone I used only the modelling lights on my strobes.  The light is much warmer than the light emitted from the strobe, a quality that I like greatly.  However the resolution of the camera in my iPhone leaves a lot to be desired.  I think if used in the correct application I think it would workout very well.  Stay tuned for more of the Buddha.