A quick trip to Cali.

My quick trip to California, came via helping my friend’s mom Carol move to Groveland, CA to be closer to her daughter.

After the driving, and unloading of the furniture came a little time to explore. There was even time for a trip to the Schulman Grove in the white mountains.

ElderBristlecone Pine Tree, Discovery Trail, Schulman Grove, Inyo National Forest, White Mountains


Bristlecone Pine Tree

My short visit to the grove was really amazing. I had been wanting to visit for many years, and during a recent trip I was able to make it happen thanks to a great friend of mine Elisabeth Barton. She is part of Echo Adventure Cooperative, a coop for adventure guides in the Yosemite area. On your next trip to California you need to visit their site to book your adventure.


Sunset from Olmstead Point, Yosemite National Park


Sunset east of the Seirra


Alkali Flies at Mono Lake


October 2015 Free Wallpaper

“Moon over Leaning Tower” is this months Free Wallpaper. This shot was captured on the northside of the Merced river just east of the tunnel view pullout. I had been watching the moon since earlier in the afternoon and thought I might be able to get a shot of it somewhere near Bridalveil Falls. So when I saw that it was getting close I moved down valley towards the falls and ultimately decided on this vantage point and then waited. Being in Yosemite this was one of the things that was reinforced again and again, HURRY up and WAIT. Time, you have to put the time in, or you wont beable to get the best shot you could possibly get, along with do the work. By work I mean, research, both online and on foot. Put the time and the effort on the trail to find those hidden spots and then going back when you have figured out, not only the right time of day but the right time of year. All of these things come together to create the best images. A little extra effort can make the world of difference.¬†

Moon over Leaning Tower, Yosemite Valley

Moon over Leaning Tower, Yosemite Valley

Hope you enjoy, thank you.