Revisiting the Archive : Never delete anything

Because I try not to lose or delete any of the images I have the good fortune to capture, I’ve been spending sometime filtering back through all those images, and yes there are some amazing gems, if I do say so myself, still to be had.

On this trip to Alaska, it was really impressed upon me just how small we all really are.

After a few days up in Denali National Park we made our way down to Kenai Fjords National Park, just outside of Seward, Alaska. On the way up to the visitor’s center, there were these little signs with years on them. I gathered what they were and it was confirmed, on the drive you pass where the glacier reached in that year. So your drive illustrated how far the Exit Glacier has receded, and it is only receding faster each year. So if you still want to see it, you need to get busy and get up there.

As I am writing this, we are being hit with a bit of a heat wave in Tulsa, OK. Its Memorial Day, and in the next week we are expected to be hit a few 100+ days. Its early to be seeing temps this high, so I’ve been feeling reminiscent looking at all of the photos. Particularly the time we spent in Kenai Fjords National Park, visiting Exit Glacier. Not that any one particular weather event is directly a result of Climate Change, however the intensity and the frequency of the weather event can be. Here are a couple links if you are interested in more information on Climate Change, NOAA as well as NASA:Climate and Global Warming, unfortunately a lot of information surrounding climate change provided by the government has been taken down so go and check them out while they are still up.

On a lighter note, I love all the details of the glacier. All the textures, and colors, create such an amazing tapestry. I’m never disappointed by nature’s creative palette.


On this trip I traveled with my mom and niece, here we are out visiting Exit Glacier. My mom taking a break on the bench while my niece was checking out Exit via the telescope.

Get out and see what our country has to offer, go and support our National Parks. One way you can support is to visit the National Parks Association and see many ways they have to get involved.

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