Woods in transition…Part 1

The woods are in the beginning of transition. Went for a Sunday drive and ended up out at Oxley Nature Center, as I have often, but today there was some drizzle with a high chance of it turning to rain, and it did.


The woods were so still during the rain, it made me stop and just be. If it wasn’t for the sounds of the rain in the woods you would almost think the video was a photo. Just a moment in time in the woods.


I had already decided to head home because of the rain. I packed up my camera and headed towards to the parking lot when I stopped to watch the field and the rain for a second. I decided to get my phone out to grab a snapshot of the field and maybe a video, not wanting to get my camera out of it’s bag. That is when this little guy walked across the trail, I snapped a photo of him then thought I should video him, so this is what I got. After I continued on my way wishing I hadn’t put my main camera up, the moment reminded me of something Jim Richardson said about “not being done until your are done.” In other words, don’t put your gear away until your completely “DONE!


For the clients – something different

Creating something a little different to fit what your clients want can be great. I was tasked with creating some head-shots for a client that fit the overall look and feel of their branding. The portraits that I create usually are on the more dramatic side, darker backgrounds with a more classical feel. With this project I was having to switch things up a bit. Not only because I wanted to do something different but also to fit my client’s look and established brand.

I worked out a lighting set up and editing style to create the look desired. Here is what we came up.

A lighter, lower saturated, higher contrast images with a white background shot with a single light. One strobe with a 36″ octo softbox on stand, Nikon D800, 24-70mm, F2.8, edited in LR. Here are a couple diagrams showing a basic layout of the light and subject positioning.

Nothing really complicated or extravagant just a simple setup with some basic post work. But the final look that we got is what we wanted. This is a reminder of the KISS method, keep it simple stupid.