A week in thought.

I had scheduled a week off from work expecting to go on a mini road trip camping around the state. Long story short that did not happen. Almost on “que” some personal business came up, causing some changes to my plans.

I spent the week in thought, evaluating and rethinking some choices from the past. So on one day I did go down to the river to sit and another I had gone out to Oxley Nature Center just north of town.

I always find something good outside, to just be “in the immediate presence of nature” -Robert Marshall.






I saw this little guy taking a bath, he was working so hard, trying to get all clean. This is something I was needing, something full of life, and being. Thanks little guy.


This video of the Black-Eyed Junco is of some stills stitched together to make a very very short time lapse. While I was photographing him, I hadn’t switched to video since it was such a short time that I had with him.


When I spend time outside, I try to capture some video of the places I go. To just sit, and be presence in the moment wherever that might be. The time of the video may just be a minute or two or five or even thirty seconds. But something to give a representation of the place in addition to still images. Almost to demonstrate a meditative practice that photography is for me sometimes.

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