Sunday Photo-Drives : Oxley and Tall Grass

The last few Sundays I’ve been trying to go somewhere local to take photos and explore my home state a bit more. Here are some of the fruits of my drives so far.

First is Oxley Nature Center, if you’ve been to my blog before you may have seen a post or two about this place. It is a local park and nature preserve, with hiking trails and visitor center. It is setup as an immersive experience to highlight our local flora and fauna. Here are a few images from Oxley Nature Center.


Second is a drive up to the Tall Grass Prairies Preserve north of Pawhuska, OK. The preserve is a Nature Conservancy conservation preserve, their goal is to restore the native grasses along with bison, birds and other native species. This is one of my favorite places to head to when I’m needing a breather from Tulsa. Here are a few images from the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve.

Update 5-8-2017: I’ve reedited the image “Osage Prairie” to reflect more of a romantic feel that I was wanting to achieve.  I believe I was able to reach that goal.


Why I ♥ Oklahoma?

Sometime ago I was asked, what is there to like about Oklahoma? Well there are a lot of things, but more importantly I don’t just like Oklahoma, I love Oklahoma. Now that’s not to say there aren’t a few things, well maybe more than a few, that I wouldn’t change. But its my home, where I was born and raised, and I can say that. We do have a few things to learn here at home, a few things to change and improve on. But I still love it here, now it was almost 100* today, and well I’m a fat man and it’s not very good to people of the larger variety in the summer, but that’s on me. Anyways, I caught a couple of images of Oklahoma that say why I love it here. They are simple, however I think they say a lot.

If you click on the images below you will be taken to my 500px page where they are available to be purchased as stretched canvas prints or digital downloads.

Oklahoma afternoon Sea of grass

Now I know you could find images like these in other states, but these are not from anywhere else but my home, Oklahoma!

Tall Grass or Bust!… Revisited!

On the morning of Feb, 2nd 2013 there was a man with a plan, and that plan was to get up and go photograph in the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve northwest of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, before sunrise. Unfortunately the grip that sleep had on this man was a strong grip, a grip that not much could pry loose. Thankfully this man’s resolve and commitment to seeing the job finished was the one thing that could set him free of the steel like grip that sleep had on him. Blah, Blah, Blah, Thank god for some 5-hour shots and a Odwalla juice smoothly.

Anyways, this is a preview of the shots from that day.  This shot was taken along HW-60 west of Bartlesville, Oklahoma on heading towards Pawhuska. Luckily the struggle with the steel like grip of sleep caused me to run a bit late, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this image of the Morning sun of an ice-covered Osage Hills.

The icy sparkle of frozen trees in the Osage Hills.

The icy sparkle of frozen trees in the Osage Hills.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

…well what an issue!  The day after I posted the above photo and description. I checked on it, to view it from another computer, work computer, and I was not too happy with the way the image was displaying on the monitor at work. At work we use PC’s and at home I use a Mac. I hadn’t come across this issue for a very long time. None the less I have re-edited the image to compensate for the difference, or at least I think I have.  That is where you come in. Here is the newly edited version of the image.

The morning sun shines on the sparkling ice covered Osage Hills.

The morning sun shines on the sparkling ice-covered Osage Hills.

So if you would please, comment and let me know if you think the newly edited version is an improvement over the previous one.

The main issue I had been the hard transition in the gradient of the upper two corners. I had applied a soft vignette to the image, however when viewed on a PC monitor the transition was none so soft and easy but hard and difficult. Along with modifying the vignette I also fine tuned other elements in the image.

Thanks for you consideration and time.

Its here!…August Wallpaper!

This past couple of weeks have been a bit challenging as far as motivation, and the energy to maintain the direction I have been moving in my photography and life.  So this post is more than just uploading August wallpaper, its a forward movement towards the goal I set for myself sometime ago.

The image I am making available, as August Free Wallpaper, was captured earlier this month during a storm that moved through.  We, like the rest of the nation, are going through a drought and excessive heat wave.  The storm that came through was a welcome distraction to the heat and dry sky.

Welcomed Rain

A field of round bails await a long missed treat. The approaching storm brings a promise of rain. The storm did bring rain along with wind and lightning. However the rain was hard, fast and unfortunately short lived.

Just click on the above image and then save to your computer to use as your free August wallpaper.