Its here!…August Wallpaper!

This past couple of weeks have been a bit challenging as far as motivation, and the energy to maintain the direction I have been moving in my photography and life.  So this post is more than just uploading August wallpaper, its a forward movement towards the goal I set for myself sometime ago.

The image I am making available, as August Free Wallpaper, was captured earlier this month during a storm that moved through.  We, like the rest of the nation, are going through a drought and excessive heat wave.  The storm that came through was a welcome distraction to the heat and dry sky.

Welcomed Rain
A field of round bails await a long missed treat. The approaching storm brings a promise of rain. The storm did bring rain along with wind and lightning. However the rain was hard, fast and unfortunately short lived.

Just click on the above image and then save to your computer to use as your free August wallpaper.

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