ASS – Kicked! The Race and the Struggle.

Friday June 8th, after work I headed down to photograph night one of the 2018 Tulsa Tough. After circling a bit I found a free parking spot, SWEET! Its hot, I’m sweating already, and I just finished a full day at work, now its time to get to work.

I went in thinking of some particular shots I wanted to get, but also wanted to allow for the ones that are unplanned. Sometimes those are the better ones.

I wanted to capture that moment, the instant of struggle amid the fury.


Giving a sense of place, context is so important.

Athletes train and formulate their race routine, checklists to be refined down to the most essential elements to remove as many variables as possible. The goals set, to win, place high in the rankings or to just merely finish. We all have our own goals in whatever race we are competing.

The struggle, isn’t necessarily what you may think. Sure there was the long day before the race and of course the heat. But for me it was more of the combination of shooting the race, trying to capture images out of my comfort zone and normal subjects, as well as dealing with the crowds. I struggle with anxiety and depression on a daily basis, pushing past this and trying to capture images that I would be happy with was my ultimate goal for the weekend. Unfortunately I failed, I allowed the negative to win, and I did not shoot the rest of the weekend.


Struggle, he was involved in a wreck earlier in the race, despite this he kept going, because thats what you do.

Even when you are confronted with obstacles and adversity, you have to keep going. You need to gather yourself and reflect then push forward, no matter what. Everyday, you get up and do the work.

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