Buddha or not to Buddha?

Today I spent the afternoon shooting a statue of buddha.  Trying different lighting setups and approaches, I also shot a few images with my iPhone.  Oddly enough I’m not sure which images I prefer yet.  I’ll probably end up going with the images I shot with my camera over the ones I shot with my iPhone, either way here are a few images from today.

Buddha Headshot 1
I really like the bit of color still on the statue left over from a celebration.

Buddha lap 1

This next one is from my iPhone, after being edited with the instagram-app.

Buddha 2

The image I shot with my iPhone I used only the modelling lights on my strobes.  The light is much warmer than the light emitted from the strobe, a quality that I like greatly.  However the resolution of the camera in my iPhone leaves a lot to be desired.  I think if used in the correct application I think it would workout very well.  Stay tuned for more of the Buddha.

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