The best camera is the one you have with you.

I went to run an errand at lunch. I stepped outside and I immediately looked up and saw this gorgeous sky. The clouds went on forever and was perfect for landscape and almost any other outdoor photography you might want to do. The first thought was I wish I had this sky with me in Yosemite this last March. The second thing was the sky was almost story book, something you might envision from Hansel and Grettle or Snow White. I didn’t have any camera equipment with me then I thought “I got my phone,” so I used it. Then I remembered the quote from Chase Jarvis, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” So true, and so enough said here’s the image.

A sample of the perfect sky over Tulsa, OK.

Always take a moment to look around and up, to see where you are and to appreciate it. To notice the little things like a beautiful sky, the flowers a bird singing, or even the noise of a busy city.  We are all so busy in a our daily lives, I think you owe it to yourself to stop for five minutes and take a breath and look up, you might just be suprised at what you see.

6 thoughts on “The best camera is the one you have with you.

      1. I’m behind in blogging (keep getting stymied by bad internet connections) so I’m actually currently in Laos, not Thailand, and heading to the Plain of Jars tommorrow. Next stop, Luang Prabang, then off to Cambodia!

  1. Okay, so that concludes me from asking should I buy a new camera or not. I still have a 14MP HP digital camera w/ me but longing to get a new Olympus E-PL1 cam before I leave Philippines and start my dream to travel around the globe. Then again, I wouldn’t want to just chuck a still-useful cam with me. I’ll leave it in the future when I really need to get a new one. 🙂

    1. Well first of all, have a great time on your journey. Explore and be curious about everything but be safe.

      In regards to getting a new camera, yeah if what you have still does everything you want and need then personally I wouldn’t be able to recommend getting a new one. But once you run into the limits of your camera and what you are wanting to achieve is beyond the capabilities of your current gear, then it would be time to upgrade. Not only with just the camera body but also lenses and other accessories. But something I can recommend is maybe get a faster memory cards, the faster it can write to the card the faster it can clear out the camera’s buffer.

      Agin have fun, be safe and I look forward to seeing your images you are able to capture on your journey.

      1. And true to what you just said, I am now tempted to buy it before I leave just because my sister will buy my current digital camera. It will cost a bit more, but mom said she will give me the money she owes which makes it all sweet to get the new camera! Wohooo! If you can see, I don’t have the best camera which is why I want to get a better one. And I think, its gonna happen. 🙂 Thanks Billy! 🙂

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