You are not finished until you are finished.

Today I was out working on a photo project.  I was shooting in a flood prevention drainage channel near where I live.  I found some images for my project and was trying to take advantage of that, and create one or two good ones that had power of message.  While shooting I was also watching these birds.  There were birds everywhere I was lucky enough to find a Kingfisher.  So after shooting I started to put my gear up when I realized that the kingfisher was still there. I got my camera back out and put my 200mm on and started to capture some images, hoping I could witness some nice behavior or something.  When I thought he was about to fly away he turned and began to crouch and walk back up stream a bit.  While he continued to walk all crouched over I realized he was stalking something.  I began to move slowly in, trying to cut the distance between him and myself down to get a better shot.  He stopped, so I stopped, he moved and I shot more images then I decided to stay put because I didn’t to spook him.  So snapping images as he moved around this little pool of water, he would pretend to walk from it then began to walk along the line of the pool while slowly closing in to the edge.  I thought to myself this was awesome, man I need longer and better glass.  Isn’t that always the case.  To make a long story short, he didn’t get what he was stalking, I think he was mislead by some trash that he mistook as prey, go figure.

So yes I almost missed this little gift, but I saw the opportunity and took the time to wait and I was rewarded with some cool images.  So you are not finished until you are finished.

Kingfisher, hunting prey.
This little guy was hunting what he thought was some prey in a storm drain. Unfortunately there was a lot of trash that I think he mistook as prey.

Unfortunately I missed identified this bird.  It is not a Kingfisher like I had previously thought, it is a Green Heron.  Thanks to a friend of mine that pointed it out to me, thanks Lisa.  I do need to brush up on my ornithology.

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