Wallpaper! Free Wallpaper!

Sometime ago I posted on my Facebook page that I was planning on offering free wallpaper.  The frequency of the wallpaper will be one new free wallpaper per month.  I am going to try to update the wallpaper on the first of each month, so I am running a few days late.  So here is the free wallpaper for the month of June.  I hope you enjoy.

About the image.  On the night that Tulsa actually received a few inches of snow, I went out to capture some images.  One in particularly I wanted to make was of Centennial Park and Downtown Tulsa.  So there I was that night, sometime around curfew, (I was not there after curfew) freezing cold and with a friend that wanted to get out of the house.  With our stocking caps and mittens trying to make some images, this is what we came away with.

Winter night at Centennial Park and Downtown Tulsa
I went out to capture an image of Tulsa in the snow, the one night of snow we had all winter, and this is what I was able to come home with.

Click the above image then right click and save-as or just click then click and drag to your desk top.

Come back often to check on new post as well as more new stuff.  Thanks!

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