Sense memory! A way to revisit.

Earl Grey Tea, the hot sweet deep flavors of Earl Grey Black Tea.  I was in Alaska at this time last summer, near the end of the trip we were in Seward, camped out next to Resurrection Bay.  I had gotten a box of Stash Premium Tea: Earl Grey Black Tea.  I was sitting there at the end of the day next to the bay, the cool air with the sweet smell of the salty sea, the sound of the water washing up on the blue gray beach stones.  The sea weed, kelp with its  pockets of gas keeping it afloat and waving back and forth.  Yes thats the memory, along with others, that I revisited all of which came back on the taste and scent of a simple green mug of Earl Grey Tea.

The memories carried in a simple green mug of earl grey tea.

I think its time for another trip, maybe even to Alaska!

The view from my campsite on Resurrection Bay, Seward, AK.

Memories of Resurrection Bay.

Memories of Resurrection Bay.


One thought on “Sense memory! A way to revisit.

  1. Earl Grey is one of my all-time favorites. Your description of your memory is lovely. Maybe next time I drink a cup, I’ll feel like I’ve been there as well. 😉

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