Does New York smell like this?

Phil Tower, Tulsa, OK

I’m sitting outside of the Laundromat, waiting on my clothes, trying to workout this blog-post.  It kind of reminds me of my creative writing class in high school and other writing classes in college.  I thought to help me get started I would make a list of adjectives to describe this past week, and then explain why I picked them.

1)    LONG



4)    NEAR-CATASTROPHY (ok two words)

Then I thought wait this is supposed to be about photography.  Shutter speed, aperture, focal length etc…

I went out and worked on some images of Downtown Tulsa today.  I’ve been trying to recreate an image I created several years ago of the Phil Tower.  Unfortunately the clouds did not want to cooperate, I was hoping for some nice interesting clouds.  But alas there were none, only a solid overcast sky, only to create an all encompassing soft box that that blanketed everything in an evenly drag light, killing the contrasting light and darks.  I found the spot I took the original, and set to trying to recreate it.  Setting my camera up for the shot, I found that the Sub-Command wheel on my camera is broken, URGH!!!!  Fortunately the wheel on my broken grip is still in working order.  The grip that is currently attached to my D80 was broken in a fall I had while hiking in “Valley of the Gods” in Colorado.  The lens, 55-200mm, broke off at the mount, the front side of the grip caved in, and the lever to open the battery compartment broke off.  However it still provides power to the camera allowing me to utilize two batteries, and now gives me a back up Sub-Command wheel.  Well the spot I found was in the face of an ally between two buildings, and thus had a distinct smell of urine.  I thought to myself nice, does New York smell like this?  Well before Disney bought it anyway.

I guess I will elaborate on one of the adjectives.  4) NEAR-CATASTROPHY!  I know its two words.  Anyway, I began to have some trouble with one of my external backup drives, then all of a sudden I lost the ability to save to the drive.  I was able to read from it, but I was not able to write to it.  I was afraid it would get worse so before I lost anything I copied everything off, and then reformatted it. And well, all is functional and writing nicely to the drive, for the time being anyways.

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