2012 September Wallpaper, YAY!!…if only!

Well I’ve been having trouble deciding on what I was going to post as the September wallpaper.  Create a new image or recycle what I’ve already published then I thought there are a lot of images that haven’t seen the light of day.  So this is what I found while sifting through my stack of images.

The image I got is one that I captured while I was kayaking in Alaska.  While kayaking we decided to pull up on this beach for lunch.  After eating we took sometime and look around.  I came across this section of beach that was in the tidal zone. This image is of muscles, a variety of sea weeds and stones.  It is an image that speaks to me about the world as a whole.  It is a collection of color, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes.  It I think reflects what it takes to make a balanced world, a variety of elements that work and live together in harmony without over powering their neighbors.  Now if only we could take that lesson from this, from nature and apply that lesson to our human world, because no matter what we think we are inevitably linked to nature, linked to the environment, linked to the world as a whole and ultimately linked to each other.

Ok I’m stepping off my soap box now, so with no further delay here is my image.

Tidal Zone
This image is on the backside of Fox Island, Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

No click on it, save it and use it as your wallpaper.

Thanks for everything.

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