2012 November FREE!!!…Wallpaper!

Better late than never, but preferably sooner.

I have been sifting through some images from my 2011 trip to Alaska.  Man I want to go back ASAP, thats another post.

So the image I finally selected was taken while the family and I were on a day trip into Denali National Park.  This short journey into the Park only reaffirmed my desire to spend more time there, preferably on a slower more deliberate outing, where I can spend more time composing and making images of note.  Anyways,  I was really hoping that not only would I get Denali in full view with no clouds, but also with any luck with some kind of animal in the frame as well.  The picture gods smiled fondly upon my and I was able to capture this image.

So click it, and use it!

Denali with Caribou
On a day trip with the family, and with the photo gods smiling upon me I was able to capture this image.

On this trip, I was even more blessed to spend time with my mother and niece.  That is the true treasure of the trip not the photos, the memories, the time we spent together.  We were able to experience everything from Denali to Seward, from bus to boat.  It was truly an awesome family vacation.

4 thoughts on “2012 November FREE!!!…Wallpaper!

    1. Its not exactly the same as it was 100 years ago, but its still very amazing place. One of the last truly wild places left on earth.

      As far as winter, cold-very F’n cold but amazing as well, in some ways even more so.

      I hope you are able to experience it soon. Good luck, have fun and be safe in Canada.

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