Tear Sheet 1 : Portraits of Fall

Portraits of Fall

TS1 Portraits of Fall

These are a few of the photos I captured when out for a walk at Oxley Nature Center, a local preserve here in Tulsa.  I wanted to capture some scenes that are representative of Oklahoma in late fall.  The day was overcast and a bit misty, not that cold but enough to wear a long sleeve shirt.  The wind was calm, and it seemed you could hear for a mile, which added to mystery since you could see that far due to the mist and dreary haze.  But it is precisely that haze and the overcast skies that make for some great images.  The light is nice and even, flat with no hard shadows.  Perfect for portraits, however it would have been better if I had gotten out there a bit earlier in the day, but none the less I was there and getting some good stuff.

All the photos I made that day I used my tripod and remote trigger, I was wanting to eliminate any shake that may occur due the longer exposures, since the light was a bit low over all.  The lens I primarily used was my 50mm f1.8, I love this lens.  Unfortunately I did not bring my f-stop higher for the shot of the dandelion, if I would have more of the water droplets would have been focus. But as is I still like the shot.  Its the little things like that, that can trip you up sometimes.  I try to keep a mental check list in mind while shooting, so to eliminate those little details that have big affects on my images.  No detail is too small that is for sure.

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