Just a few…well maybe a little more.

So far my time here in the Yosemite area has been amazing. On my days off I am trying to hunt down spots not normally visited by the average tourist. So that the images that I am capturing are a bit different from the rest. Not sure if I am accomplishing this but I am trying. Often people try to achieve incremental improvements rather than different. Better is good but different is better, I think anyways.

Here are a few…well maybe a little more than a few images, that I have been able to capture thus far while being here. I hope you enjoy them, because I enjoyed creating them for you.

I edited these all of these images pretty much the same with the exception of the black and white photos, and even those I only really modified the exposure, contrast and massaged the levels a bit. There where a three images where I had to go back in and remove some debris that had gotten between the filter and the lens. So by making the selective edits I was attempting to bring the image as close as possible to what I saw at the time I captured the image, of course with the exception of the Black and White images. Then there is the lost image in the gallery. I had previously released this image as a wallpaper a week or so ago for the April Free wallpaper. But I thought it was appropriate to include it here as well because it was also created during my time here so far.

In the future I think I am going to focus on the more intimate image similar to the Dogwood over Merced, Stones Adrift as well as Half Dome at Noon photos. Because without the many details there is no larger whole, and I fill it is so important to pay attention to the details so they don’t get lost in the chaos. Or something like that. I think the Carmel Phap, I am drinking is finally having an affect on me, I haven’t had one of these things in a long time. All I can say is, mmmmmmgoooood!

2 thoughts on “Just a few…well maybe a little more.

  1. Gorgeous pictures Billy! I can feel your happiness in finally being in the wilderness where you belong in each picture 🙂

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