Moon or not to Moon?

I had traveled north to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, north of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. To try to capture the “supermoon” not sure if that title was entirely accurate. I had left around 5 pm and the moon rise was to be about 9 pm. I wanted to get up there in time to do some scouting to try to get the best vantage point. The main image I was wanting to get was one of the moon as it just crested the horizon, when it was the biggest. However the haze and clouds prevented the moment when it crested the horizon from being seen. As well as hampering the amount of light that the moon produced. So shifting gears I tried to capture the moon illuminating the valley that I was just above. However the light being produced wasn’t sufficient for that. So with the clouds and haze being a factor I tried to use them to my advantage. I think I was successful at that, the clouds provided a nice veil to catch the light a created a nice wash of tones and colors. For the moon itself, I did a series of exposures trying to get the moon as detailed and full as possible.

These are the images I was able to capture tonight up at the Tallgrass. Its worth trying agin, maybe on a clearer night.

Moonlit Clouds

The moon brought out a variety of colors and tones that created a nice wash. I thought this might look good as a large print on canvas. If I did print it, I would need to lighten it about 20%-30%, since you loose about that amount when printing.


Well all I can say is I sure could use a bigger lens, I guess we all could.

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