What was that…”SelfPortrait:Struggles and Reflections?”

A few days ago I posted a blog post entitled “SelfPortrait: Struggles and Reflections.” Shortly after posting it I removed it. I thought I would create a post that shared more of myself, to be more open about what is currently going on in my life. However after it was up for a bit, it became clear to me that I was not ready. I then took it down.

So after thinking about it some more, I have decided to post the image I had created for “SelfPortrait…” with a short note.

Daily struggles and daily reflections.
Daily struggles and reflections.

I took these head shots, just playing with my lights. I set up my strobes, and a speed light, a reflector, and played around a bit. Set up my camera for tethered shooting and went to town with a wireless remote. I have been wanting to update the current image I use as my avatar on many of my social media outlets. Ultimately they ended up looking the same. So as for now I am staying with what I have.

To show yourself, to be open and reveal your underbelly. This is what I was having an issue with, along with not being able to write about myself in an affective manner is ultimately what caused me to bring down the previous post. So if everyone will be patient and stay with me on this ride, I will try to be more personable and share more about who I am. I’m sure I will fumble some more, but with time and practice just like in photography I hope to improve the “craft” of sharing myself with you.

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