One step…breath…focus…one step…repeat.

While hiking along the Wapoma Falls Trail I captured this photo.

One step at a time, stay looking forward, keep focused, breath and take one more step then repeat. It sounds tedious, it sounds rudimentary but every once in a while we need to remember that all we need to do is to keep moving forward in whatever we are doing.

Its been a while since I have posted anything on here. In fact my blog was down for sometime until recently. So its been one year and seven months to be exact since my last post, now that is not exactly staying on top of things. I’ve thought about sharing what has been going on with me and my life. However I have struggled with how to approach it in a way that I was comfortable with and felt was appropriate. However until I am happy with the way I will share it I need to continue posting.

I’m excited and look forward to making some announcements soon regarding on going projects as well as coming events.

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