Portraits of Steve.

My friend Steve came over for dinner, yay Hideaway Pizza – if you ever find yourself in Tulsa, OK and are in need of some good pizza go here, then we ended up working on a couple of portraits. Something quick and not too complicated. I already had the basic setups in mind that I wanted to try, so it wasn’t too difficult getting it together and making it happen.

Steve Taylor
Single light on Steve with a cone reflector, and one light bounced off the wall in the opposite direction, to provide a silhouette to define the back of his head. 1/250 f/5 44mm


Steve Taylor
I wanted to try a basic portrait while modifying the catch lights in his eyes. I blocked half of the soft-box on both lights, to isolate the light and keep the catch light narrow on either side of his pupils. 1/250 f/5 38mm

This wasn’t a big production, something small and easy to do, HELL I did it in my living room. Taking a few minutes to move a chair and a table, put the lights up, work the exposure, then away I went. Its something anyone can do, you just have to take the time and put in the effort and do it.

So no matter what you can always make a picture or two, not much to it. All it takes is the idea and the will to do it.


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