Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge – Oklahoma

West of Tulsa almost 3 hours is the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. Designated as the “largest such saline flat in the central lowlands of North America,” the 11,200- acre salt flat of Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is essential to wildlife.

However on this visit I ended up staying the wetland area of the refuge. The refuge consists of approximately 26,232 acres of classified wetlands. Wetlands include things such as lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, and low level areas that are prone to flooding and have high soil moisture. Wetlands can contain shrubs, trees, grasses and/or wetland specific plants. Wetlands provide homes for many reptiles and amphibians. Wetlands also aide in the decomposition of organic matter and naturally filter water as it passes through.

Here are a few of the photos I was able to capture. I am planning to head back, most likely in the fall.

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