You never know!

On March 21st I had brought my camera to work with me. It had been raining for several days by this point, the weather report said there should be a break in the rain that day. So thinking I might get lucky I thought I would go down and shoot some during lunch. Well I did and of course there was rain and over cast skies. But I thought at the very least I will have gotten some good scouting, and yes I did get some of those. I settled on a nice spot to shoot from, so when things leaf out and fill the view with some foliage I am for sure going to hit that spot up agin.

Later that afternoon the sun did emerge from the darkness, and yes it was bright, I thought it only seemed so bright because I hadn’t seen it for so long. But of course it is the sun, and it is a giant ball of fire in the sky, so yes it is bright! Anyways, I started to get excited about the possibilities, but of course I had to wait until I got off of work, URGH!!! Anyway, after work I was driving by the park and thought hell yeah I going to stop!! You never know right!! I got parked, barely, before jumping out and grabbing my camera and tripod. Looked around until I settled on the same spot I had gotten to at lunch. Then waited, the light wasn’t right yet, and to be honest never really was, however I did finally settle for what I had and what was available to me, and this is what you see here. With a little help from a polarizing filter, and some a touch of fast post editing, this is what I have gotten so far. There is still some work to be done here, I think this is a good start. If you have any comments good/bad, but preferably constructive. I would love to hear them. I am always open for feed back to help me improve my photography. Thanks B-

Downtown Tulsa
On the way home, after a rainy week. You never know!!

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