Yosemite! Yeah that’s right! Part 2

So after getting to the airport in Tulsa on March 7th at around 6:20 in the morning.  I got checked in at the counter, got myself through security and settle with an English muffin with egg and cheese.  MMMMM, that’s right I said MMMMMM!  However now there I was sitting there at around 6:50, yep 30 minutes, that’s all it took!  I always think its going to take longer, and one time it did with only 10 minutes to spare before the plane departed, but now I was sitting there with having just eaten and tired from not sleeping the night before.  So I dozed, and listened to other people talking, now I don’t do it on purpose but you can’t help it sometimes.  Here’s something I posted on Facebook, “lots of Botox…yeah I don’t come across as angry anymore.”  Come on you have to laugh at that, right?  Well I did.  After not too long they boarded us and we were off to DFW.

The view from my seat, from DFW to LAX.

Oddly enough the flight from Tulsa to Dallas, was on a 737, were as the flight from DFW to LAX was aboard some weird regional with 2&2 seat layout.  And I had the a seat in the very last row, at least it was an isle, unfortunately the flight attendant sat in the jump seat in the isle, between me and the guy on the other side.  Yep, it was cramped, and that is what prompted this…

My little helper.
My little helper.AH! 

I’ll tell you I wasn’t the only one.  The guy in front of me had about four (4) screw drivers and the guy across the isle next to me had three (3) scotches.  So I don’t feel too bad with my B & coke.

Non-the less we got to LAX, and I go to my second connection to SFO.  Where Elisabeth and Bryant were there to pick me up, oh and their faithful side kick “Milo”

Siberian Husky
Milo the bringer of energy!

Well until next time,

Yosemite to be cont….

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